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Releasing METFIN V9

As of January 2012, we have officially released METFIN V9, our flagship ERP application for job shops and surface finishers, with an exciting array of new features. We introduced a new look-and-feel along with new features to the product, but kept the easy-to-use, time-tested design flow of the system to make the system upgrade smooth and seamless.

As such, we are phasing out the upgrade and support for version 8.x and older of our existing ( METFIN, METFAB, IPOS ) products, in the upcoming months. Please plan your system upgrade accordingly to allow adequate time and resources for a trouble-free transition.

Here is a list of features we have added to METFIN Version 9.x

Available Features:

To upgrade to version 9.x from your existing METFIN version, please send us an email to
or call us (800) 680-2474 and let us know which version you are using and we will make arrangements to bring your system up-to-date.

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